Performing and anything related to creativity has always been a true passion in Miss G’s life. She used to sing since the age of 14 and did very well in singing competitions but there was something more that needed to be explored. “I would listen to upbeat music, dance to it and in my quiet time have these creative ideas on how to combine different songs together, it gave me such a pleasant, vibrant loving feeling and that was more than enough for me”- MissG.

At the age of 21 she took part in the Stones Sister’s of Spin DJ competition. Mixing different styles of dance music that you don’t hear every day made her stand out. “I will never forget the feeling I experienced up there in the DJ booth, the crowd’s lively response and the smiles on their faces lit me up and it was as if my soul said – Welcome Home.” 

Miss G continued involving herself with other dj’s and tried to learn as much as possible about the industry. She was tought how to play on vinyl and was eventually able to buy her first set of Pioneer CDJ200’s . She practiced at home and did some casual functions. At the age of 23 she decided to go to a dj school. She completed her Beginners course at Fabulush DJ Academy with the highest mark out of all the other students. Her Intermediate/Advanced dj course was completed with DJ Costa (one of the best DJ’s in South Africa) always making him proud and then achieved the highest mark out of all students in her final exam.

After her completion at the DJ school, she took part in the “Battle of the DJ’s” Competition, each DJ had to put together a 30min set and also had to show off their mic skills, as a former singer this was not a problem. She had a the ultimate mix prepared but then the judges read out the rules stating that the contestants are not allowed to play the same song as the previous contestants. Two DJ’s each played a song that shealready prepared in her set, she had to quickly improvise and chose two other songs. This did not affect her performance at all, the crowd loved it and she had everyone dancing. MissG was announced the winner of the competition.   

She then performed at various clubs and lounges. Other than the performances she also creates mixes for the high impact aerobic instructors at one of the biggest gyms in South Africa. “The people absolutely love it as my mixes are made to pump them up and give them the necessary adrenalin needed for the class.”

Since then she has completed 5 contracts at a 5 star hotel in Doha as well as another 6 month contract in Abu Dhabi.