Kurt April, talented DJ, Producer and Radio Presenter, born and bred in the mother city always seems to deliver nothing but the best!u00a0

His love for music developed at a young age, with playing numerous amounts of instruments. And ever since he has grown tremendously. This young, vibrant talent brings a mass of energy and excitement to any crowd.He started making waves not only to a live audience, but has been making his waves on radio aswell! Hosting his own show every Friday evening on OneFm (94.0)u00a0

Kurt has performed alongside some of the biggest acts in the world , such as Mandragora , Sophie Francis, Chunda Munki , Pascal & Pearce , Majozi , Sonya B , NOK, Sketchy Bongo , Locnville , Mogey , Dean Fuel , Max Hurrell and many more!u00a0

Kurt is known for his versatility when it comes to mixing , playing multiple Genres and giving the crowd exactly what they want!u00a0

He is sure to raise heart rates and bring forth not only an amazing 60 minutes of musical bliss but an unforgettable experience.u00a0