DJ Rislyn is a Female DJ from Tripura based in Bangalore, India.u00a0

Her genres include House, Commercial, Trance and Bollywood music. For DJ Rislyn, Everything was just a dream, the idea of being a DJ was always in her mind. Since the days of partying with friends, she always wanted to be a DJ, but she was confused on how to begin and where to start.

She then met an event organizer called Amit Ansshu (Owner of Fun-Key Events) who helped her tremendously to be the DJ she is today.

She then met DJ Nayan, who took her under his wing and taught her the basics in the art of DJu2019ing.Later she joined a DJ School called Audio Life School of Sound Engineering, and this is where DJ Rislyn was born!!


Being a well-known DJ is a challenge, because there are so many DJu2019s, and each one of them are talented in their own way.

To be better than the best, is the biggest challenge anybody faces.

Hard work, perseverance and dedication are import factors to success.

In addition, networking is very important in this career.


DJ Rislyn is the only DJ to come out of her state, Tripura in India.

Having been able and blessed to play all over Bangalore, in different clubs and at different events and also in other cities in India.


Places Played At:

  • Karma Bar and Lounge (Kathmandu, Nepal)
  • Kitty Ko, Bangalore
  • Oktoberfestu201916, Bangalore
  • Geoffreys ,Crown Plaza , Bangalore
  • LoveShack , Bangalore
  • F-Bar, Bangalore
  • No Limits, Bangalore
  • Don Bosco School, Agartala
  • Xtreme sports Bar, Bangalore
  • Euphoria, Bangalore
  • Twins pub, Bangalore
  • Papparazi, Bangalore
  • Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore
  • Tripura Institute of Technology, Agartala
  • Pebbles, Bangalore
  • Taj Westend ,Bangalore
  • The Road,Mysore
  • Hycinth by sparsh, Trivandrum
  • Fiat Caffe, Car-o-bar, Bangalore
  • Maya, The firangi lounge, Bangalore
  • Mandrake rooftop, Bangalore
  • Chanchery Pavillion, Bangalore
  • Sutra (The Lalit Ashok), Bangalore
  • Eclipse (The Leela
  • Palace), Bangalore
  • Bijapur (open air event)
  • Straight Up, Bangalore
  • 28 Shades, Bangalore
  • After Dark, Bangalore
  • The Maharaja Sayajirao University, Gujarat
  • Sanctum, Bangalore
  • Beer Republic, Bangalore
  • City Bar, Bangalore
  • 10 years of
    Audi Event (
    Coorperate), Bangalore
  • Silent Shore, Bangalore
  • Big Pitcher, Bangalore
  • B cafu00e9 (Shangri-la Hotel), Bangalore
  • Vapour pub, Bangalore