Originally from Russia, SpicyBlondZ became international DJs as they donu2019t see any boundaries to spice up any party in the world, they love to travel and inspire people with their music.
They are entrancing the audience by their greatly selected music with own mashups and remixes, fantastic energy, enormous charisma combined with Russian beauty and bright look!

This combination burns up dancefloors all over the world. Having natural intuition in the electronic dance music, SpicyBlondZ compose their mixes in the distinguished spicy way.
They perfectly feel the crowd and artistically mashing up various music styles in their DJ sets. Together with their fire energy it makes dance floors explode with emotions and it is impossible to
stop dancing while their beats capture souls.

SpicyBlondZ are open format DJs and they always prepare their sets specifically for each performance taking into account audience tastes. In addition they have their own branded parties u201cSpice Up the Partyu201d with DJ set, unique fashion show and special entertainment program.

Major music styles: EDM, Commercial, deep house, tech house, bass house, future house, progressive house, hip-hop, RnB, trap, techno.

SpicyBlondZ are the new era of Fashion DJs who charm the crowd not only by professional DJ sets but also their unique fashion style. Being the ultimate fusion of music and fashion, they always make their appearance on scene unforgettable.

Lilia Fisher, one of DJ sisters, is also famous Russian millinery designer. She creates special costumes and hats for each SpicyBlondZ performance, depending on the event format.